St. Gregorious has always pioneered in the service of Education, helping students to build a life through their career in which their passion resides. St. Gregorious is to win over the impediments which come in the way of any student’s career advancement. We ardently believe that People are shaped to better citizens and can be transformed to better human beings only by the tool of Education. St. Gregorious believes in giving a better edge to better quality of life , we stand for the life of the students who aspire to reach the sky and in St. Gregorious only sky is the limit and nothing less or above that. St. Gregorious ‘s vision is to see its student /candidates successfully placed in the right place at the right time without any hassles or hindrance which limits their potential or capabilities,

St. Gregorious’s theme is PEOPLE. Even our Indian Constitution begins with the phrase of “We the people” On similar lines St. Gregorious believes that People are the core and the magnificent part of any service. St. Gregorious ‘s MISSION is to shape and mould PEOPLE’S lives and to trump over the constraints which binds them from reaching their goals in their formative years of their career. We not only help you to dream of great careers but be a stand for the realisation of your dreams.




St. Gregorious stands for winning the game of life. Our objective is to make every student at our ambience to respectfully and well placed so that they carve a beautiful career and a future for themselves. We stand for the celebration of the success of our students as their success is our success.





St. Gregorious, with its hard core principle to give the best and nothing apart from that. In order to achieve this we have set a mission to enable to candidates or the student wide range of options and provide un stinted support and impeccable guidance in their chosen area of career.